EGF receptor: a nexus for trafficking and signaling

Protein kinases have profound effects on a cel

Because protein kinases have profound effects on a cell, their activity is highly regulated. Kinases are turned on or off by phosphorylation.

By binding of activator proteins or inhibitor proteins, or small molecules, or by controlling their location in the cell relative to their substrates.

With millions of people tailoring their diets to include more healthful antioxidants — and these “polyphenols” getting tremendous attention among nutritionists

Deregulated kinase activity is a frequent cause of disease, particularly , where kinases regulate many aspects that control cell growth, movement and death.

Drugs which inhibit specific kinases are being developed to treat several diseases, and some are currently in clinical use, including  and :

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Evidence from people with heart disease strongly supports the existence of the molecular link first discovered in laboratory mice between the body’s natural circadian rhythms and cardiac arrest or sudden cardiac death — the No. 1 cause of death in heart

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